Frequently asked questions

How do I Schedule a Pickup?

Simply Go Online and Click away. You can also call us or email us for delivery.Use whichever method which is convenient for yo.

When will my laundry be returned?

All wash, dry and folds orders will be returned on the next business day but can be within 48 hours (depending on work load) weekend pickup orders may possibly be delivered on monday.

Do you mix my clothes with other peoples clothes?

No. Once the order is received by our driver, your bag is quickly labeled with the relevant information you have given. Each customer is processed as an individual order. Maintaining the information of each machine used througout the process.

Is there a minimum weight or charge?

The minimum pickup and delivery charge is $25. We will allow a flat rate fee of $25 for a 13 gallon bag. An alternate option is that we charge $1.85 per lb. Route efficiency keeps our prices competitive.

When and What payments do you accept?

We accept Venmo, cash, and pay pal. We are not set up for credit card payments at this time, but will be coming soon. We take special care cleaning Medical clothing, scrubs and mask. They will need to be bagged seperatly.Also clothes need to be bagged in a 13 lb bag for flat fee rates.

Why do commercial clients choose dirty laundry?

By utilizing dirty laundry, Commercial clients can concentrate on other aspects of their business rather than dealing with day to day laundry issues.

Does dirty laundry handles commercial clients and accounts?

Yes, either drop it off or schedule pickup from your place of businness. Working individuals busy to do their laundry, Hair salon and spas,Daycares, Small restaurants and Elderley anyone needing laundry assistance.

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